“WMAA- Ozamiz City and Clarin SDA Central Church Week-long Crusade Concludes Successfully”

Education Department November 13, 2023

by Jacqueline G. Tagalogon | WMC Newswriter

Clarin, Misamis Occidental – In a remarkable display of collaboration and dedication, WMAA-Ozamiz City and Clarin SDA Central Church joined forces to organize a week-long crusade dedicated to promoting healthy and happy families. The event, held from November 5 -11, 2023 at Gata Daku Covered Court in Clarin, Misamis Occidental, successfully fostered spiritual growth and emphasized the values of well-being within the community.

Throughout the week, WMAA-Ozamiz City students took an active role in engaging with the community, inviting non-Adventist friends to participate in the crusade. Accompanied by their teachers, who shared personal testimonies that highlighted the transformative impact of faith on their families. These genuine narratives aimed to inspire a deeper relationship with God and encourage attendees to prioritize the well-being of their own families.

According to Sir Ritchel R. Nillos, Teacher In- Charge of WMAA- Ozamiz City, “the significance of this program is centered on the exposure of our students in the ministry. In the same way, it will enhance their spiritual growth and to have a deeper relationship to our savior Jesus Christ.” He expressed his hope that this initiative would not only refresh the students spiritually but also serve as a training ground for them to serve God and reach the unreached individuals in their community.

In addition to the educational component, the crusade incorporated elements of worship and spiritual growth. Attendees were treated to uplifting music performances, powerful testimonies, and inspiring messages that underlined the importance of faith and prayer in building healthy and happy families.

The event further emphasized the significance of strong family units in fostering individual well-being and positively impacting society. Practical guidance on effective communication, conflict resolution, parenting skills, and building healthy relationships were provided to empower families and strengthen their bonds.

The program imparted a platform for WMAA-Ozamiz students to share a message of hope with their peers and community members. By extending their influence beyond the campus, these young evangelists made a significant impact on the lives of others, inspiring them to begin a new journey with Jesus. Lux-Lorenz P. Corporal, a student at WMAA, expressed her gratitude for being involved in the ministry, stating, “I am blessed that I’m part of this crusade.”

The culmination of the crusade marked a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts of WMAA-Ozamiz City and Clarin SDA Central Church. The success of the week-long event was met with gratitude and appreciation from both the church and the school, symbolizing the collective joy and fulfillment in witnessing the positive outcomes of their joint efforts.

The baptism of individuals who publicly declared their faith and commitment further underscored the profound impact of the crusade on attendees. This expression of faith served as a powerful testament to the transformational nature of the event and its influence in touching hearts and lives.

The unity and purpose that characterized the collaboration between WMAA-Ozamiz City and Clarin Central Church were evident throughout the event, fostering an atmosphere of inspiration, reflection, and spiritual renewal. Thoughtful planning and engaging presentations enriched the community, providing valuable insights and teachings related to building and nurturing healthy and happy families.

Dr. Don Richards T. Generato, the principal of WMAA-Main (Dumingag), commended the students and teachers involved in the crusade on their initiatives and contributions. The dedication and commitment demonstrated by the students, teachers, and church members in organizing and executing the crusade were reflected in the positive responses and outcomes witnessed during culmination.

As the echoes of the crusade continue to resonate within the community, the enduring message of fostering healthy and happy families will guide and inspire individuals in their daily lives.

Lay Evangelist of Clarin SDA Central Church, Bro. Troy Mahilum, also conveyed his appreciation to all who played important roles in making the event successful and meaningful. The collaborative spirit and the impact of the culminating event serve as a testament to the power of collective action and unity in spreading messages of love, faith, and well-being.

Looking ahead, WMAA-Ozamiz City and Clarin SDA Central Church are enthusiastic about continuing their collaborative efforts to bring transformative and uplifting experiences to the community. Their shared goal of enriching the lives of individuals and families through faith and unity will continue to guide their future endeavors.

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