"Western Mindanao Conference ordains Two Ministers in Christ"

Ministerial Secretary September 22, 2023

By Jacqueline Tagalogon | WMC Newswriter

WMC—Friday 25 August, 2023, for most of us was just an ordinary day but for these two ministers, it was anything but ordinary. Accompanied by their wives, families, and ministerial colleagues, these two ministers presented for this landmark in ministerial service to a packed – out hall with many supporting church members in attendance, who all shared in visible joy of the occasion. Held at Western Mindanao Conference SDA Church, the scene was set for an evening of spiritual refreshment.

The program was graced by the SPUC President, Pastor Danielo Palomares, who was courteously introduced by the WMC President, Pastor Arnel Benasahan. “Another soldiers added” Pastor Palomares stated, as he began his homily. He shared about the enthralling and memorable anointing story of King David, in which, it was relatively alike to an ordination. He gave an enriching and poignant message emphasizing the high calling of ministry. He emphasized that these candidates are worthy to be shepherds of the flock, for God molded them to this divine appointment. He reminded both of the candidates that all power to fulfill this divine calling comes— “by the Spirit of God”. He urged the ordinands to “accept the baptism of the Holy Spirit” and encouraged them— that from this day on, “be a pastor with full ecclesiastic authority under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”

Introduced by WMC, Ministerial Secretary, Pastor Roy Hendrick Gaid, each candidate was presented with their spouses. The candidates for ordination were Pastor Armand Teorima Remulta. Who hailed from Proper Dimaya, Dinas, Zamboanga del Sur. He earned his degree in Theology at Mountain View College, Valencia City, Bukidnon in 2011. Pastor Remulta has been serving the church since 2018 and was previously assigned as the church pastor of Molave Central Church. He is currently serving in Metro Molave district together with his wife, Gladys Sharon Bais Remulta and their two children namely Shairmaine Joy Bais Remulta and Ardyn Pearl Bais Remulta. Throughout his service, he has baptized 621 souls. He was sponsored by Pastor Jerrymil & Mrs. Vicky Pamonag and Pastor Junifer & Mrs. Sheila Mae Colegado.

Second ordinand, Pastor JodelJim Macarate Gumapac. He graduated in 2010 at Mountain View College, Valencia, Bukidnon and he was from Barangay Poblacion, Dinas Zamboanga del Sur. In 2017, he has served in TIGDUMALA District and is currently serving as a church pastor of Metro Pagadian Adventist Church. So far, Pastor Gumapac has baptized over 613 precious souls for Jesus. He is married to Rose May Mancao Gumapac, with whom he has two children namely Jodel Jimson Mancao Gumapac and Jimson David Mancao Gumapac. He was sponsored by Pastor Jewey & Mrs. Jean Serrano and Pastor Cesar & Mrs. Narliza Andilab.

The prayer of ordination for the candidates with the laying on of hands by ordained ministers in attendance by SPUC President, Pastor Danielo Palomares. When they arose from their knees, the newly ordained pastors were given their charge by SPUC Ministerial Association Secretary, Pastor Elvin Salarda, who outlined their responsibilities and duties as ordained ministers. The confirmation and the presentation of certificates was given by the SPUC Executive Secretary, Pastor Edwin Magdadaro. The ordinands were also commended on the impact of their ministry within the WMC and beyond. Pastor Magdadaro added that “Ordination is not a destination but it’s a commission. It is not an attainment but it is a commitment”.

The service drew to a close when the WMC Children’s Ministries Director / Ministerial Spouse Coordinator, Mrs Victoria Besin, encouraged the wives and read the 10 commandments of a Pastor’s wife. The wife of each newly ordained minister and their families were also welcomed during the ceremony and encouraged to continue the important work of supporting the ministry in assisting the needs of the congregations whilst then WMC Executive Secretary, Pastor Leoncio Guting Jr., welcomed them into ministry on behalf of the WMC and the church ended this special occasion leading to the opportunity for all ministerial colleagues, family and church members to express their appreciation. It was truly a high day for all who attended and for those watching online.

God has chosen you as a true witness to Christ, the Good Shepherd. May He endow you with wisdom and ever deepening holiness as you guide the flock entrusted to your loving care. Congratulations as you begin your service to the holy people of God.

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