“Western Mindanao Conference Boosts Media Ministry with New Equipment”

Communication Department November 7, 2023

By Pastor Abel Vergara | WMC Communication Director

In a move aimed at enhancing its media ministry, the Western Mindanao Conference (WMC) has recently acquired a suite of cutting-edge equipment, including desktop computers, laptops, Starlink connectivity, and various accessories. These new additions will significantly improve the capabilities of Adventist World Radio Western Mindanao and the secretariat department, ushering in a new era of efficient and advanced communication within the organization.

The decision to invest in these technological assets is a testament to the WMC’s commitment to advancing its media ministry and ensuring the seamless operation of its communication department. WMC has recognized the vital role played by modern technology in disseminating information and engaging with its members and the broader community.

The acquisition of desktops and laptops is set to bolster the productivity and creativity of the media team, enabling them to produce high-quality content, conduct research, and effectively manage their daily operations. This upgrade will undoubtedly lead to more engaging and informative broadcasts, reaching a wider audience with a message of faith and unity.

One of the most significant additions to the WMC’s tech arsenal is the integration of Starlink, a cutting-edge satellite internet service. Starlink will provide reliable and high-speed internet connectivity, even in remote areas, ensuring that the media ministry can reach communities far and wide without the limitations of traditional internet infrastructure. This technology is expected to revolutionize the way the organization connects with its members and supporters.

The communication department at WMC expressed its elation and gratitude for the administration’s commitment to investing in these essential resources. This substantial upgrade demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to media ministry, recognizing the evolving needs of the organization and the broader community in an increasingly digital age.

The media ministry plays a pivotal role in spreading the message of the Western Mindanao Conference and the Adventist World Radio Western Mindanao. The ability to efficiently produce, distribute, and engage through various media channels is now greatly enhanced with this investment in technology.

WMC’s acquisition of these advanced tools reflects its dedication to serving its community through modern means, ensuring that its message continues to reach and inspire individuals throughout Western Mindanao and beyond. With this new equipment in place, the WMC is poised for a dynamic and influential future in the realm of media and communication.

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