“Transformative Leap: Western Mindanao Conference Advances Membership Records Accuracy with ACMS Implementation”

ACMS November 13, 2023

Secretariat Department Achieves Key Performance Indicator Milestone under Pastor Leoncio Guting Jr.’s Leadership

by Pastor Abel Vergara | WMC Communication Director

November 13, 2023

In a groundbreaking stride toward enhancing accuracy and accountability in local church
membership records, the Secretariat Department, led by Executive Secretary Pastor Leoncio
Guting Jr., is making remarkable progress in the migration of records within the Western
Mindanao Conference.

Aligned with Key Performance Indicator 10.1, which emphasizes the widespread adoption of
approved membership software, the department has successfully transitioned from traditional
church book records to the state-of-the-art Adventist Church Management System (ACMS).
This move not only signifies a commitment to excellence in record-keeping but also positions
the conference at the forefront of technological innovation within the Adventist community.

Out of the initial 116,105 church members on record, an impressive 86,142 names have
seamlessly migrated and found a new home within the ACMS. This transition ensures a more
robust and efficient system for managing, categorizing, and accessing membership data,
ushering in a new era of accuracy and accountability.

Pastor Leoncio Guting Jr., the visionary leader overseeing this monumental transition,
expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing migration. “The adoption of ACMS is a pivotal step in our journey towards excellence and accountability in record-keeping. We are grateful for the dedication of the Secretariat Department and the cooperation of our church members in
making this transformative leap,” he affirmed.

With the implementation of ACMS, the Western Mindanao Conference anticipates not only an
improvement in record accuracy but also a more streamlined and transparent process for
managing membership data. The platform’s capabilities align with the global standards of
efficiency in organizational management, reflecting the conference’s commitment to staying
ahead in the digital age.

The Secretariat Department remains optimistic about completing the migration by the end of
2023, attributing its progress to a collective effort and divine guidance. The department
encourages the Western Mindanao Conference community to embrace this positive change as
it paves the way for a more accurate, accountable, and technologically advanced era in local
church record-keeping.

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