"The Ministry of Literature Opens Gates to Empower Church-Based Literature Evangelists"

Publishing Department September 27, 2023

by Pastor Sherwin Rivera | Mutia District Pastor

The Publishing Department of Western Mindanao recently organized a two-day conference-wide empowerment seminar for church-based Literature Evangelists. This event played a crucial role in equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to propagate the gospel through printed materials.

In the wake of the challenging experiences brought about by the pandemic, the Publishing Department has been determined to resume its mission, which was momentarily disrupted by this catastrophe. Pastor Lemuel P. Nietes, the department’s director, acted swiftly to organize this seminar, recognizing that his team, (Pastor Leonelo Madridondo, SPUC, LMS Dean), with the grace of God, can discreetly touch thousands of souls in ways that traditional evangelism methods cannot.

Pastor Nildo Mamac, the SPUC Publishing Ministry Director, took charge of coordinating lecturers and motivators from various regions in South Philippines. These individuals shared their miraculous stories, highlighting the highs and lows of their journeys and their remarkable encounters with God’s guidance in the past, captivating the attention of the eager participants.

During the opening night, Pastor Nietes expressed his deep gratitude for the enthusiastic response of churches across Western Mindanao, who sent their church-based Literature Evangelists to the event. He emphasized the role of leaders in creating programs to enhance God’s work through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Additionally, Pastor Arnel L. Benasahan, WMC President, overseeing the Western Mindanao mission field, delivered a two-fold keynote address. He reminded everyone present that they had been chosen by God for their earthly work and stressed the necessity of receiving the Holy Spirit, drawing from Acts 1:2-4. His words resonated with the audience, empowering all to move forward in their faith journey.

The opening night witnessed the participation of nearly 150 delegates, not counting pastors and other late arrivals, marking a promising start to this important gathering.”

Photo by Hope Channel Western Mindanao

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