"Philippine Publishing House Provides Generous Support to Western MindanaoConference Pastors Attending Theological Forum"

Communication Department November 10, 2023

by Pastor Abel Vergara | WMC Communication Department

November 10, 2023

Manila, Philippines – The Philippine Publishing House (PPH) has extended its warm hospitality to pastors representing the Western Mindanao Conference who are currently attending the Theological Forum at AIIAS (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies). In an act of extraordinary generosity, PPH has offered complimentary accommodations, lunch, and dinner to these dedicated pastors. The gracious gesture has been met with heartfelt appreciation from the Western Mindanao Conference administrators and the pastors in attendance.

The Theological Forum, which is taking place from November 9 to 11, 2023, is a significant
event that brings together pastors from the Western Mindanao Conference to engage in
theological discussions, share knowledge, and deepen their understanding of their faith.
However, such events can often place a strain on the finances of pastors, many of whom serve
in remote areas and may have limited resources.

Recognizing the financial challenges these pastors face, the Philippine Publishing House
stepped forward to alleviate their burden. By offering free accommodations, delicious lunches,
and sumptuous dinners throughout the forum, PPH has significantly lightened the financial load for the pastors, enabling them to fully engage in the theological discussions without concerns about their expenses.

Pastor Junifer Colegado, WMC Sabbath School Director, one of the attendees, expressed his
gratitude, saying, “We are immensely grateful to the Philippine Publishing House for their
extraordinary support. This act of kindness means so much to us, and it allows us to focus on
the valuable theological content presented at the forum without worrying about our financial
situation. We truly appreciate their generosity.”

Pastor Arnel L. Benasahan, President of Western Mindanao Conference, also in attendance
conveyed sincerest thanks to PPH for going above and beyond to assist their pastors during
this important event. He noted that this support is not only a financial relief but also a
testament to the spirit of unity and support that exists within the religious community.

In response, the Philippine Publishing House reiterated its commitment to supporting the local
faith community and fostering the spiritual growth of pastors and church leaders. This
generous gesture is a reflection of their dedication to providing resources and assistance to
those who serve in the ministry.

The kind act of the Philippine Publishing House has not gone unnoticed, and it serves as an
inspiring example of how communities can come together to support one another, especially in
times when it is needed the most. As the Theological Forum continues to unfold, the pastors of
the Western Mindanao Conference can focus on their spiritual growth and theological learning,
with their hearts full of gratitude for the generosity of PPH.

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