"Bridging the Gap: Inspiring Change for Children's Well-being in Calamba"

Children's Ministries Department October 2, 2023

by Jacqueline G. Tagalogon | WMC Newswriter

The recent joint fellowship of the Women, Children, and Family Departments at Calamba SDA Central Church in Calamba, Misamis Occidental, revolved around the theme “Bridging the Gap, Every Child Matters.” Despite the rainy weather, the event attracted numerous attendees from six districts, aiming to confront the issue of unfair treatment towards children while emphasizing the intrinsic value of every child, regardless of their background.

During the fellowship, Mrs. Victoria Besin, the Children’s Ministries Director and MS Coordinator of the Western Mindanao Conference, delivered an impactful message. She urged parents to recognize every child’s significance in the eyes of God, drawing from Ellen White’s “Messages to Young People” and Ted Wilson’s teachings. Mrs. Besin stressed the vital role of mothers in nurturing children, advocating for Seventh Day Adventists to fulfill their mission of bridging societal gaps.

Mrs. Besin highlighted the importance of reconnecting children with Jesus and encouraged parents to stand in the gap, nurturing their children’s spiritual growth through family worship and submission to God. She believed that by doing so, society’s challenges and gaps could be overcome through Jesus.

In another influential lecture, Mrs. Hazel Akiatan shared insights on spirituality’s role in child-rearing. She reminded parents of the necessity to guide their children, especially in today’s digital age filled with distractions, towards a focus on Jesus.

Mrs. Irish Bongcawil addressed empowering young minds, promoting mental health, and nurturing overall well-being within the family unit. Her lecture provided practical strategies to empower and support children, leaving attendees equipped to implement positive changes within their families.

The Zone 8 Women, Children, and Family Departments Fellowship in Calamba served as a platform for inspiration and reflection, uniting individuals from various districts with a shared sense of purpose. Through enlightening lectures and discussions, attendees were reminded of the importance of spirituality, nurturing children, and promoting mental health within the family. Overall, the fellowship left a lasting impact and motivated participants to continue working towards bridging the gap and creating a better future for the younger generation.

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