"Bible Prophecies without Borders: Unveiling the Fulfillment of Eschatology"

Sabbath School and Personal Ministry Department October 3, 2023

by Jacqueline G. Tagalogon | WMC Newswriter

Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental – The Oroquieta City chapter of Adventist Laymen Services and Industries (ASI) recently hosted an engaging ten-day evening series under the theme “Bible Prophecies without Border”. The event, held at the Costa del Sol Resort Hotel on Magsaysay Avenue, Lower Loboc, was designed for professionals, business leaders, and esteemed individuals eager to delve into the eschatological fulfillment of prophecies found in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Led by the visionary Pastor Junifer Colegado, Western Mindanao Conference ASI Coordinator, and Engr. Robert Lamparas, ASI President of Misamis Occidental, this series aimed to bring the Word of God to elite and professional circles. Engr. Lamparas expressed gratitude for the success of the event, attributing it to a 40-day prayer marathon and divine intervention.

The internationally renowned evangelist, Pastor Edwin Gulfan, took the spotlight as the keynote speaker for the ten-day event. Opening with an electrifying night, he explored the topic, “The Undefeated, Undisputed Champion: The Timeless Book.” With passion and conviction, he praised the Holy Bible as an eternal source of truth that is “never obsolete and forever absolute.” Pastor Gulfan tenderly reminded the audience that Jesus Christ is the central theme of the Bible, and its teachings should serve as a guiding light in one’s life.

During his sermon, Pastor Gulfan emphasized the imminent encounter with Jesus and encouraged attendees to persevere in the divine work entrusted to humanity. He stressed the urgency of the hour leading up to the Second Advent and the importance of effectively conveying the message to resonate with individuals, fostering a deeper understanding of biblical teachings.

Over the course of ten enlightening nights, attendees embarked on a journey through prophetic events in world history, recognizing their relevance to the present day. Their commitment to comprehending and aligning themselves with these prophecies played a crucial role in the transformational impact of the series.

The series culminated in an overwhelming response, with 67 individuals accepting Jesus as their Savior. This remarkable outcome stands as a testament to the power of God and the profound guidance and providence experienced during the Daniel and Revelation Seminar.

Engr. Lamparas expressed heartfelt gratitude, saying, “We thank the Lord for His presence and blessings throughout this enlightening journey. We are truly humbled and grateful for the spiritual growth and understanding achieved. May the message of salvation continue to touch lives, even beyond the conclusion of this remarkable ten-day series”.

With a renewed commitment to sharing the eternal truths of the Bible, the Oroquieta City chapter of Adventist Laymen Services and Industries looks forward to future opportunities to explore and spread the eschatological fulfillment of prophecies, transcending borders and inspiring hearts.

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