“Adventist Accrediting Association Evaluates Ozamis City Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School's Commitment to Adventist Educational Excellence”

Education Department November 9, 2023

by Jacqueline G. Tagalogon | WMC Newswriter

Ozamis City – In its ongoing pursuit of educational excellence, the Ozamis City Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School recently underwent an evaluation by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA).

The esteemed visiting committee was composed of education leaders from various adventist institutions, including Dr. Alevir P. Pido, Education Director and Chairman of the South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC), Sir Romy V. Lamputi, SPUC’s Associate Education Director, Sir Billy Rubino, Education Superintendent of the Western Mindanao Conference, and other Education Superintendents from different missions and conferences, visited school on November 6 -7, 2023.

Dr. Pido explained that “The AAA serves as the accrediting arm of the Seventh Day Adventist Educational system, guaranteeing the provision of genuinely Adventist education of the highest quality.’’

The accreditation process involves a meticulous evaluation of various aspects of the school, including the curriculum, teaching methodologies, infrastructure, and learning environment. She added that “This comprehensive examination aims to ensure that the school aligns with the identity, mission, and governance of the SDA Church. It serves as a mechanism to ensure that the school maintains its commitment to Adventist principles and goes above and beyond the standard in the educational landscape”. Dr. Pido expressed her hope that at the end of this accreditation process, the school will emerge more empowered and encouraged, with a vibrant vision of what Adventist education can achieve in the local community.

Throughout the evaluation process, the committee members engaged in classroom observations, examined curriculum materials, and interacted with students and teachers. They were particularly interested in assessing how the school integrates spiritual development, academic instruction, and character-building principles into its educational framework.

Ma’am Goldelyn A. Sumagaysay, the school principal, is leading the efforts of the faculty and students in eagerly preparing for the upcoming evaluation by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA). She said that “This process is of great significance and requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders to ensure the school’s success. One of the key steps in the preparation process is a thorough review of the AAA standards and criteria for accreditation. These serve as the foundation for the evaluation, so it is vital for the school community to have a clear understanding of the expectations set forth by the AAA.’’ By familiarizing themselves with the standards, the school can ensure that they address each aspect thoroughly and effectively.

The school board, along with the parents, faculty and students have been working diligently to ensure that all areas of the school are in optimal condition for the assessment. They focus on various aspects, including the curriculum, teaching methodologies, infrastructure, and overall learning environment. By paying careful attention to each of these areas, the school aims to showcase its commitment to providing outstanding Adventist education.

WMC Superintendent Sir Billy Rubino emphasized the significance of adhering to the standards set by the SDA denomination. He said that ‘’ the importance of meeting the expectations of the denominational leaders, as it is essential to ensure that the school is aligned with the denomination’s standard of being an SDA educational institution.”

Both Ma’am Sumagaysay and Sir Billy Rubino recognized the evaluation process as an opportunity for growth and improvement. They expressed their commitment to working collaboratively with the AAA committee to address any areas for enhancement. By doing so, they aim to ensure that the school remains compliant with Adventist educational principles and continues to excel in providing outstanding education to its students.

In conclusion, Ozamis City Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School remains hopeful that it will successfully meet the rigorous standards established by the AAA. Through continuous improvement, the school aims to provide exceptional education grounded in Adventist values for years to come.

photo by OCSDAES

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